Who do you blame for the B’s suckage? Alexander Semin – That’s who!

Semin_sushiWow umm….that was pathetic. I'll give the B's credit – they played well. But would it kill them to score more than one goal? The Coyotes are in last place of the Pacific Division and second to last place in the Western Conference and yet they played better than the B's did last night. Granted, this doesn't mean the Coyotes have a chance to make it to the playoffs – but the B's do and they're pissing all of their hard work away.

So what is wrong with them? Well, they don't know:

“I keep coming back to the same answers and the same games, and I don’t know what’s … going on.”  – Aaron Ward

It's easy to say they're sucking and play the blame game. I can't even go to my stock answer of blame Lil' Nicky Kobasew. Yes, he's an overrated ass ( dare I say – the Trot Nixon of the B's?), but at least he put the B's on the board last night. If I had to pin point one thing that caused the slump – it was the Semin goal in the OT loss to the Capitals last week. The B's had a great chance to win that one and out of nowhere, a 80 foot game winning goal put a stop to the B's winning ways and I think the shock (or embarrassment?) of that goal killed whatever momentum they had going. I mean, they just came off of a 6-0 win over the Ducks and a 6-1 win over the Panthers.

With that, the black and gold need to strap it on and throw the finger to Communism, Alex Semin and their losing ways and beat the piss out of the Blackhawks and the Rangers. But be gentle on Jonathan Toews, he's just adorable and just think of all of the goodness you can lay on Sean Avery on Sunday live on NBC!


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One thought on “Who do you blame for the B’s suckage? Alexander Semin – That’s who!

  1. Cornelius Hardenbergh March 6, 2009 at 10:10 am Reply

    No, it’s the quiet crowd and that the Bruins don’t have the element of surprise anymore.
    They aren’t sneaky-good any more, they are getting beaten by teams that are bringing their A game.

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