B’s vs. Coyotes

Gretzky-jonesThe B's traded their youth for vets with experience and it's looking like it could be a successful move. Granted no games have been played – but considering how excited everyone is over Montador and Recchi coming to town, it would be kinda a downer it they started to suck more after the trade deadline.

BUT! There is hope. The Great One in town with the  Coyotes – here's to hoping the B's walk or skate all over them. So I called Janet Jones and we talked about the spread and I put some money on the game. I'm saying the B's pull this one off and it's 4-1. Look for the NKOTBs to leave their mark and look for a look of 'But I was the greatest hockey player ever to hit the ice – how can I be responsible for this fuckery on ice!?' on Wayne's face at least twice tonight.

Now if you excuse me, I need to go back and write about Alyssa Milano.



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