Why I hope the AT&T store on Sylvan Street in Peabody falls into the abyss.

So about a month ago – I bought an iPhone and I will admit, I feel for the hype. But it's not me, I'm a qwerty keyboard kinda girl and I missed my Blackberry. After thinking about it for a week, I deiced to exchange my iPhone for a BB Bold. I called up AT&T and asked what I did  – explained to them how I got it and asked what I would need to do. They knew my contact when I initially upgraded wasn't up(of course my Curve died 2 months before the contract was up) and how I got the early upgrade. They said I'll probably have to pay the restocking fee and the difference for the Bold and it was going to be no more than 100 bucks.  I figured I'd eat the fees – so I had them note my account. Called the store I bought it from, explained and she said fine – come in.

I don't know what happened from the time I called to when I got there – but they're complete assholes. The manager was completely nasty and wouldn't let me talk or listen to anything I said and her under link( by the way, you're not fooling anyone with that awful comb over – but that could explain why you were such a douche – I'm nothing to look at, but I don't take that out on everyone else!) was condescending and no help. They basically told me I was going to have to shell out another 200 or more to get the phone I wanted and I lost it. I will fully admit to causing a scene and I know it's not right – but when you treat customers like shit – they're going to return the favor. But it felt good.

I called AT&T, explained the situation with the store and she was amazing! She basically said the store were filled with douches and probably didn't want to deal with a return(since the problems I was complaining about were why they get returned all the time) and were going to do whatever they could to get me to keep the phone. The rep called another store for me, explained the situation and they said to come on over. They hooked my ass up and should be commended! Woburn AT&T rocks. Because they're such rock stars – I now have a brand new BB Bold. OOOOOOOOOOOOH!It's better than expected.

So in conclusion, AT&T on Sylvan Street in Peabody sucks balls and AT&T Woburn is filled with rock stars!


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