One more reason to hate Mondays.


Hello boys and girls! It's another snowy day in New England and I'm at work. AhhhhBooo! My commute was 2 hours long and my in-term boss called me while I was on the highway to tell me we have a two hour delay. Thanks, but I'm not about to turn around – when I finally got it in there's already talk about closing early. *rolls eyes* Why did we even come in? Ughhh The office busy body has been roaming around and I can smell her everywhere. You know when some people have a distinct smell – it's not bad or good it's just very distinct. She's roaming and doing nothing. Not that should talk  – but I at least pretend to be working.

This is why I write – because if I didn't, I'd go insane. She's a annoying, completely paranoid and has horrible tits and refuses to wear a bra or a good bra. I really wish I could be better than that and rise above it all, but people like this drive me NUTS!

Cassel Anyways, enough about me. Let's talk about this weekend and what happened. The Pats have no QB – Thanks, Cassel. I'm sorry  – but I think it's a bone head move to get rid of him. I understand it's business, but how do you really know Brady is better and is going to have another banner year? What if when he torn his ACL/MCL ruined what talent he had. Let's be honest, Gi Baby hasn't brought him any luck and this crap didn't happen when he was with local gal, Bridget Moynahan. Did B have any connections to Salem and Laurie Cabot? Just saying….

In case you didn't see it, from Saturday's loss to the Capitals….

Tim Thomas should be embarrassed for letting that goal thru on Saturday and that could be the only excuse to why he fled off the ice so quick. It was a bone head move and the B's had a great chance to pull out a win against the Capitals. But NOOOOOOOOOOOO 'The Tank' had to go and screw it up! Thanks, Tim. I know he's save our asses in the past – but we're a matter of points away from being in the playoffs! This isn't the time to slack off. Actually, I blame Manny Fernandez. If he wasn't hurt all of the time and was able to pull his own weight – Thomas wouldn't be so burnt out and probably would have played better. IMO.

Avery The hockey trade deadline isn't that far away and I'm still dead set on anything that send Mark Stuart away. Granted, it's for pure selfish reasons. But fuck you. I'm a girl, I can be dumb occasionally and say stupid bullshit and just blame it on PMS. It's in the Constitution. Speaking of dumb girls, Sean Avery will be placed on waivers today or probably has been by the time this post gets up. *Please be in a Rangers uniform by this weekend*


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