B’s Skin The Panthers & Pre-Season Baseball OFFICIALLY Starts


The students of Cornell should be holding their heads a little bit higher today. Instead of their most famous alumni being Andy Bernard from The Office, they can add Byron Bitz to the top of the list. Bitz's two goals lead the B's over the Panthers, 6-1.

First off – congrats to Chris over at HubHockeyfor the shout out on NESN last night!

After a six game road to nowhere trip, the B's were desperate to get their momentum back, Michael Ryder back on the ice and a win under their belt. Mission accomplished. And I don't know why – but I expected Michael Ryder to look worse than he did. I was fully prepared for some Rocky Dennis action, but alas Mr. Ryder was as pretty as always.

61972711fc02ad923bc358fb3ae749b0-getty-83513634eg013_florida_panthBut the B's we saw last night have was missing during that road trip. But it was almost like another Dallas game and it was that game that got the momentum and turned the team around previously. I mean, Ward & Stuart were scoring goals and Lil' Nicky Kobasew threw down. If that doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will – it was a complete team effort. See what a little home cooking and some primping can do for a guy?

The B's hit the ice again Thursday night against Charlie, Goldberg and the rest of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. On that note, whatever happened to Mike Vitar? I had the biggest crush on him as a kid.

Bcredsox__1235583734_6399 And for those of you are really into the Red Sox/ BC Eagle rivalry, the Adam Kilgore @ boston.com is liveblogging from the game. But who the heck cares about that – tonight, is the first OFFICIAL spring training game against cross town rival, the Minnesota Twins. Wakefield is pitching tonight with Bard catching and the rest of the pitching staff for tonight's game will be: Justin Masterson, Manny Delcarmen, Javier Lopez, Ramon Ramirez, Billy Traber and Dustin Richardson. You can catch the game on NESN. Although, consider yourself warned. Spring Training is a different beast  – so instead of having to sit thru six painful innings watching Wake pitch, it'll be two. So it has it's positives.

Sorry there isn't more – I'm swamped today!


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