Regular Rob Is An Ass

Crawford When I heard about the Red Sox Nation Fan Club, I'll be honest – it made my stomach turn. Granted it does do some good for the fans, but it's made douchey,insincere, 'Regular' Rob Crawford, a household name. For those of you who don't know him, A. Consider yourself lucky and B. he's Vice President of Red Sox Nation(Jerry Remy is the President and why isn't there more drunken footage of him out there?). He's on the Red Sox Report as a guest reporter and constantly using his hookey 'I'm just a regular guy' act while peddling his stupid Red Sox song. Evidently, he didn't get the memo that Terry Cashman has cornered that market already.

I now have another reason to hate him – he has no idea who the fans are. One of the geniuses over at Newsday decided to ask him what the 'Nation' though about Teixeira going to the Yankees and this is what the 'VP' said:

"I think the anticipation [for the first Yankees-Red Sox game at Fenway] is heightened because of what's going on with A-Rod," Crawford said. "But it's even more heightened because of Mark Teixeira."

Come again? Arguably the most hated player in baseball, on the most hated team in baseball, cops to using steroids, and Red Sox Nation is going to get more worked up about the cheery, respected Teixeira?

"We really thought we had him," Crawford said of Teixeira, who negotiated heavily with the Red Sox. "When he comes to the plate, he's going to get booed as much as A-Rod, because he didn't pick us. I think a lot of people weren't surprised about A-Rod's news."

Teixeira laughed when I relayed Crawford's sentiments to him. "They're great fans," he said of the Sawx supporters. "I wouldn't expect anything less."

Really? You wouldn't expect anything less? You're an ass. I wouldn't have cared if he signed with the  Nazi party – I'm still not going to boo him.  Mainly because I didn't want him here in the first place and I would bet money on a lot of other members of the Nation felt the same way. Thanks for making us look like whiney asses. Crawford doesn't represent me, although I'm currently searching for a ways to impeach him. On what grounds can we impeach a fake VP? If he's a kid toucher? Serial rapist? Secretly a Yankee fan?

Thanks to the BostonDirtDogs for the heads up!



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