“You wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses, would you?” The B’s suck in Florida

America’s penis dick smacked the Bruins this weekend. Ughhh The Bruins had four goddamn days off and do think they could have pulled off ‘A’ win – just one friggin’ win. But NOOOO why would they want to do something like that? Who wants to be the best team in all of the NHL? Nah, the B’s lost to one of the crappiest teams in the NHL. OHHH GOOOD!

The B’s did get a spark in them after the loss against the Panthers and were ready to throw down. Both Shawn Thornton and Mark Stuart go into it last night. Lil’ Chris Forsberg of the Globe did a great re-cap in the his Fight Cub( yes CUB – cause their Bruins and Bruins are bears….do you get it? Exactly.) section of the Bruins Blog.

Phil Kessel finally scored his first goal since coming back from mono and Andrew ‘The Package’ Ference scored his first goal of the season and then proceeded to be the goat of the B’s, when he got sent to the box with three minutes left in the 3rd period with the score tied. Tampa Bay scored and beat the B’s 4-3. Aaaaa Boo. I got yelled at by FNX’s Special Ed last night for expressing my disgust towards ‘The Package’, I love ‘The Package’ – I just don’t love bonehead moves. I should have said I’d take it back if he got the me Red Sox blogging gig on ThePhoenix.com

Oh well, the B’s are in town for the next two weeks and they have six home games against five playoff contenders and the Phoenix Coyotes.

I think I’m going to make the above picture of Mark Stuart & Matt Lashoff my Christmas card this year.


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