Dear Tony Massarotti – You’re Bored? Seriously? *signed* Cameron Frye

Tony mass I decided to take a quick break before lunch and check out and see what the scene is down in Ft. Myers. When low and behold, Tony Mass is bored and stirring the pot by saying the Red Sox fans and the team are boring. Really?

It's February 23rd and you're wondering why people are not creaming in their proverbial panties over the hometown team right this very second? Could have anything to do with the fact it's FEBRUARY 23RD & THE Y HAVEN'T PLAYED A GAME? I dunno – call me crazy, but I think that has something to do with it.

By the time play their first game Wednesday night against their cross town rivals, the Minnesota Twins, the team would have already been their for 10 days(which is crazy and spring training is way too long already!). And what have they done during those first ten days? Nothing that the vast majority of Red Sox nation cares about or wants to see. Talk to me after the games start and then try to convince me they're bored.

The funny thing is – if we had A-Rod or Manny on the team, you'd be bitching they're distractions and we would need to get rid of them. It's a no win situation. So how about this, we accept the fact we have a damn good team on paper and work towards another winning season? Or would you rather David Ortiz to test positive for 'roids or maybe have Dice-K cause an international incident at the WBC or hell, maybe have Pedroia caught with a hooker that has an uncanny resemblance to Tom Brady?


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