Inside Blake’s Brain

Blake nesn 

After watching The Soup and The Dish, I started reading my Sports Illustrated and low and behold, Lil'Blake Wheeler took part in The Pop Culture Grid. Let's take the time to dissect his answers(I need to kill time before I get my taxes done….shut up!).

Blake grid 

Blake is a fan of Taylor Swift – which translates into he doesn't like fat girls(Sorry, Clarkson, me and the majority of the female Bruins fan base! haha) or hackey attention seeking wannabe bisexuals who don't write their own music(Sorry, Perry). He likes them lean, talented and with an ample supply of black eyeliner.

He enjoy sunflower seeds, which means he's into spitting and Swift looks like she's a spitter(maybe that's why Joe Jonas dumped her? Why do I know the name of the Jonas Brothers???), unlike Perry or Clarkson who swallow everything from cake, their emotions and well….

His forearm hurts….I got nothing.

He wants to be on the Real World. So either he's desperate for attention or wants people to watch him hump.

And finally, he focuses his energy on watching his teammates primp and gaze in wonderment in the mirror. I'm not saying that's gay….but these pictures are.


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