Remember Me?

America's sweethear Yes, folks – America's sweetheart is back? Did you miss me? haha I really am a self obsessed ass – at least I admit to it.  ANYWAYS! So a few weeks ago I decided to have the site re-design and it's going slower than expected. With the Bruins were playing like shit, all of the A-Rod nonsense and spring training was starting – I decided to let the fingers do the talking and get back into writing some bullshit, that's more than likely filled with grammatical errors

Wheeler First off, congrats to the B's for getting their 40th win last night and well, winning a game finally. The B's beat the 'Canes 5-1 and are still on top of the standings with 88 points. I was looking at the stats sheet from last night's game and I had to laugh when I saw the Axelsson got an assist on Chuck Kobasew's goal. I fully admit to shitting on Kobasew in the past and call him overrated – but something I noticed, Patrice Bergeron has only scored 5 goals?  I know he's coming off two injuries – but 5 goals? Last night's game was his best one since November 21st. Maybe I'm overreacting, but that's shocking to me.

The B's are off the next few days and play the Panthers on Saturday and the Lightning on Sunday. On a personal note, I'm praying to whatever higher being there is to either send Vinny Lecavalier to the Rangers or keep him in Tampa Bay - but please don't send him to Montreal. Anything to make those dirty Habs fans miserable and keep that team out of the playoffs is fine by me. Happy 100th anniversary, douche!

Oh yeah, congrats to Mark Stuart for being one of Boston's most eligible Bachelor's in Boston according to The Improper Bostonian. I know it's old, but those douche bags can't mail me my issue in a timely fashion – so I get news when it's 2 weeks old. Asses!

Lowrie Ok. So spring training has started and we're a mere 47 days away from Opening Day at Fenway Park. Who's going to be at short stop? It better be Jed Lowrie or they're idiots. Although, I wouldn't be shocked if it was Julio Lugo. Look at Lugo and look at Lowrie and the answer should be simple! It'll probably end up as a platoon situation and hopefully by the second half of the season, it'll be Lowrie's. But did anyone notice that Lowrie is sporting a Mike Lowell-esque goatee on NESN and his voice suddenly sounds like his balls dropped over the winter? You're barely out of puberty – stop it. I understand you're trying to do a whole, 'I'm mature enough for this role – I'm a man' act, but c'mon.

Pedoria is small Speaking of children, Pedroia is writing a book. I'm assuming it's going to be a short story? *fart noise*   What the hell is he going to write about? He's 24 years old and looks like he should still wear Garanimals and Tough Skins!I'm sure it'll be a tale of a little guy who scrapped his way to the top and everything he's accomplished….so far. I think Pedroia is great – but I think it's a tad early for the book tour and if you do go thru it – can you save the signings and all of the bs that comes along with a book for the off season?

I agree with everything David Ortiz said about banning players for a year if they test positive for steroids. It's not rocket science – if you cheat, you're out. And I'm sorry, but I don't think what Jesse Ventura is saying is all that crazy about the Govt. investigating Bud Selig. Granted, WWF or WWE…whatever….is "entertainment" but he knew they were cheating and did NOTHING to prevent it. And how long before some ball player decides to go loopy from the 'roid and there's a another Chris Benoit situation on their hands? How are they going to explain that one? Listen, I know even the ball players back in the day did some shady shit – but when Mantle the worst he had to deal with, was being drunk Jack Daniels and tired from banging whores the night before a day/night double header. He didn't have to worry about getting weird injuries after getting off the 'roids.

Oh yeah, A-Rod is a smug douche. But in his defense, I do think they need to release the other names. It's unfair he's the only one getting nailed right now.

But yeah, that's it for now. There will be more – brace yourself. The kid is back.


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