The KGB Comes To Boston

 Ovechkin FINALLY! It's only been a week, but it seemed like it took forever. The Bruins are back at the Garden tonight and taking on the Washington Capitals. Do I have high hopes for tonight's game? No. But weirder things have happened. The Caps having beaten the B's twice this season in D.C. – but this time last year, they(the Caps) lost to the Montreal Canadiens their first game back from the all star break. So is it wrong to wish their suck-age from last year, haunts them this year?

Speaking of the ASG, am I the only one who thought Ovechkin looked far too comfortable having liquids shot on his face?

As for the Bruins, it seems too good to be true, but Milan Lucic, Andrew Ference and Patrice Bergeron have all been cleared to play tonight. Ference spoke to his #1 fan, Special Ed and the rest of the guys from The Sandbox on FNX this earlier morning and said it's up to the coach and it looks like he liked what he saw from all three players. Bergeron is hitting the ice tonight as a winger(look for Patrice to fill in for Ryder who seems to have the sniffles or whatever vague descriptive ailment Coach Claude Julien feels like giving him today) and Lucic should be back on the first line with one the best players on the Bruins and one of the most overrated players on the Bruins.

Ryder won't the be only one riding the proverbial pine tonight, Manny Fernandez(is anyone shocked really?)is out with "back soreness". Which I believe translated from Julien-speak means typhoid. Manny spent his time off on the Oregon Trailfor those of you who didn't know, unfortunately Zeke wasn't as lucky. So it'll be no surprise to anyone that Tim Thomas will be in the goal tonight and Rask as back up. This just leaves Phil 'Kissing Booth' Kessel left on the DL recovering from mono and Marco Sturm, but he's not coming back anytime soon.

So with the B's getting the band back to get together and the majority of them rested after the ASB, I'm going to predict a B's win tonight 4-2. Hub Hockey & Cornelius Harenbergh should have their predictions up shortly and if you want to check out what the other side are saying, check out Simply Sensational, a great Caps blog. 



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