2009 NHL All Star Game…Boo

Ruiner NHL All Star Weekend 2009 has bid adieu for another year and honestly, we're better off. Listen, the All Star game is a joke and until it actually means anything – why even bother?

There's just no reason for this game – the only reason they have the game/weekend was to say thanks to their sponsors and it's one giant kiss ass session. So why not have it at the end of the year like the Pro Bowl? It's not like there's going to be any significance to the game(like the MLB ASG) - so why not have it somewhere where the players can get some R&R after.

If anything, I'm sure the players would be more receptive to this and then Bettman wouldn't have another situation like the one with Red Wings GM Ken Holland. Penalizing players for not wanting to participating in the ASG is out of control. If they're hurt and or playing hurt – they need the time to rest. Yes, it's an honor – but priority #1 should be the players health. I mean, you want the second half to be just as exciting as the first half.

I dunno, from the bs circus performance and the fact that this event brought Simple Plan back to perform(why?) – I was just annoyed with everything.


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2 thoughts on “2009 NHL All Star Game…Boo

  1. Chris Nadeau January 26, 2009 at 2:09 pm Reply

    Good idea on the Pro Bowl concept. Or how about they make it the Outdoor Game each year.
    The skills comp. for me was the biggest disappointment.
    What if the NHL did something like the PGA does with the Fed Ex Playoff. Maybe do something where the regular season shootout counts for points to give you a chance in the All Star shootout. Bring the top 8 to the weekend and have a showdown. The winner could win some cash or even better the winner can pick a charity to give the cash to. That way the shootout would mean something instead of who is the fan favourite.

  2. Cameron Frye January 26, 2009 at 2:16 pm Reply

    I would LOVE for them to get rid of the skills comp -I’m sorry, but watching a guy race around the rink is basically nascar on ice.

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