Boo Hoo Blake & B’s Beat Toronto

Bs celebrate The Bruins won last night, but admit it – you got sick to your stomach when it went into a shoot out. Instead of the B's pissing away a lead, top defense men, DennisWideman and Zdeno(or Zeno as Heidi Watney likes to call him) Chara tied the score up in the third period.

Boo Hoo Blake Wheeler got the scoring started for the B's, after Jason Blake's goal in the first. Toronto's Jason Blake pissed and moaned during last night's game after Tim Thomas made a save that can only be described as an informal try out for next year's Patriots. You can check out the defensive gem here.

Lil' Marty St. Pierre was the star last night, hitting the right spot during the shoot out, while Michael Ryder's shot sealed the deal and gave the B's the extra point. The Bruins are now tied with the San Jose Sharks with the best record going into the All-Star break. 

Aaron Ward made it thru last night's game with no problems. Ward played a whopping 22:15 mins last night and recorded four hits. Welcome back! Although, if Toucher & Rich have their way – he might be placed on IR for off ice antics. T&R made a bet with #44 – if the Steelers don't cover the spread and or lose the game to the pathetic excuse that is, the Arizona Cardinals, Ward of the Rings will have to spend the night in WBCN's resident train wreck, Adolfo Gonzalez's bedroom. How is Claude Julien going to explain to the Boston media that Aaron Ward is not playing because he has scabies?

"Oh, I'm sorry. Aaron Ward isn't playing today because he accidentally drank some urine. He's recovering from getting his stomachpumped and a nasty case of trichinosis." Here's to hoping Big Ben doesn't choke. You can hear Ward's appearance here.


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