Bruins Take On Toronto


Well, this is it. Final game before the All-Star break and it's well deserved break for the black and gold. They're bruised and broken – some mentally, most physically and some R&R is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Forget what happen these last few months and focus on the present. Take it one game at a time and who knows what will happen next. The playoffs will be here in no time and let's be honest we'd(the fans and myself)rather freeze our asses off at the Garden in May watching hockey than freeze while watching baseball at Fenway.

But before that can happen, the B's have to take on the 17-22-7 Toronto Maple Leafs. The B's have beat the Leafs 3 out of the 4 times they've played so far this season, beating them both at home and in Toronto. So this could work in their favor – just as long as they don't go into it like they did against St. Louis and the Islanders. That would be bad. Now I know it's not usually encouraged to beat up on the fat kid who's slow – but he's an easy target and two points is two points and we need them. So feel free to trip, steal his Slushee, throw rocks at him, make him eat ants…do whatever you have to do to win.

B's win 3-1.

3641 Oh yeah…Blake Wheeler, who died and made you Hal Gill? Lighten up. Listen shit happens and no one likes missing a goal. But it's not like you booted a dribbler up the first base line during  the World Series or went for a flyball that was fair. You're not going to be vilified, you're not going to be labeled the goat – so calm your nuts, take a breath and forget it happened. Most of us have.


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