BS on Ice

Well, that was ummm….pathetic? Listen, I know they're bogged down with injuries and we're coming up on a well deserved break – but that loss, shouldn't have happened. Between the piss poor play by the members of the team on the ice and that bullshit call on the David Backes goal, the B's were doomed. I wish someone got a screencap of Shane Hnidy's face while the Blues were celebrating the goal – it was priceles.

So now what? In 2007, the Red Sox were in a 3 game skid before the All-Star break and look what they did after that…so hope shouldn't be completely lost just yet. But with that said – I don't think anyone wants to see the B's lose in Toronto tomorrow night. If they do, they're not going to get off that easy.

3641 As for lil' Blake Wheeler blaming himself for the loss – get off the cross and throw someone else up there. So he hasn't scored in 11 games, it's his longest streak without a goal since he went nine games without one after his hat trick on November 6th against Toronto. So buck up, lil buddy. It could be worse. You could be this guy.


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