The Blues hit Boston and hopefully Boston will hit back….

Let's be honest, was anyone shocked that the B's lost to the Capitals? No? Didn't think so. I know we all have this blind faith and homer-like mentality when it comes to the B's, but c'mon. There has to be a team that knocks us down a peg or two all the time. It use to be Montreal and now it's the Capitals. We have our chance at the Garden to show them who's in charge after the All-Star game when the Russians invade Boston on the 27th.

But before they can focus on knocking another tooth out of Ovechkin's mouth, they need to play the last place St. Louis Blues and if they play anything like the last place, Islanders – they're in for quite a fight.
St. Louis is 17-23-4 and has 38 points. Brad Boyes(Remember him? For those of you who don't – he played on the B's back when the Patriots made the play offs, Manny Ramirez was still with the Red Sox and Jesus Shuttlesworth didn't bleed green. ) leads the team in goals, points and pp goals….so he's got that going for him.Nice to see that trade worked out. 

Anyways, I'm going to say the B's are going to win and it'll be easier than a baby coming out of Michelle Dugar. The woman has had 18 kids – her birth canal has to be like the log flume ride at Canobie Lake Park. What…..too much? BTW, it's nice to see that Wideman's hair has gotten better since playing in Boston. What the hell is on his head??

OT: if you're on twitter, like me(  – follow me, bitches) – you can follow Alexander Ovechkin on there too. I'm sure "he" will have a lot to say…..


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