Bruins take on the Islanders and Aaron Ward is injurded…..again.

Untitled Cameron has been extremely overwhelmed and busy at work and she apologizes for a being a complete slackass. But the internetz Gods don't like her all of the time and usually she has no connection – which is why my live blog crapped out before the third period. Why the hell am I talking about myself in the third person? I really am a douche bag.

We're going to try something new for tonight's game - providing everything goes as planned and my connection decided to work. So what's new in the world of the Bruins?

Aaron Ward is hurt. Although, is that really news? Old Man River is catching up to Bingo Ward and he aggravated his Charley Horse again. Could he be laid up with a fruitier injury? The only way that could sound fruitier is if he was injured while putting up drapes and dancing to 'Chains of Love' by Erasure. Lovely visual, huh?  Ward will miss this road trip to NY & D.C. and convalesce at home, while living vicariously thru his teammates via the wonderful world of television. Ward aggravated the injury after getting hit from behind by Montreal's Andrei Kostitsyn( The same hit that caused 'lil Timmy Thomas to stand up for his teammate). If you happen to see Ward this weekend, be sure to send your birthday wishes – he turns 36 on Saturday.  I will be celebrating his birthday by listening to some Rascal Flats, drinking heavily, drunk dialing and having some Cookie Puss. Because you know, it's not a real party without the Puss.

Milan Lucic should be back on the ice sooner rather than later. His injury is still shroudded in mystery and he hasn't participated in a full contact practice yet. Which leads me to think he had cramps and let's be honest, they suck the energy you. He's supposedly feeling better - but do you throw him to the wolves on Saturday against the Washington Capitals or wait until after the All Star Break when they play the Caps at Boston?

Patrice Bergeron and Andrew Ference have been taking to the ice and even tho there hasn't been exact time table of their return, I'd like to think Bergeron could be back by February and Ference not too long after that. But knowing this team, anything is possible. As for Kessel, I know he's a few years removed from his battle with cancer – but I'm just hoping he doesn't rush anything. Mainly because he needs to really take care of himself and secondly because I don't want him spreading his plague to the other players or the women of Boston.

Look for Matt Lashoff to carry some more weight in these next few games – Wideman & Chara both skated for over 30 mins each during the Montreal game and they're going to need a bit of a break. If there was ever a time that Lashoff needs to step up and prove himself – this is it.

The B's take on the Islanders tonight, who are in dead last place and I'll be honest with you - I don't much about them. Well, beside the fool who is suppose to be in goal is from Winthrop(and is injured….again) and stupid Comrie is boning Hilary Duff . Might I add, she's gotten better with age. There was that creepy anorexic/horse teeth phase – but it's nice to see she's grown out of that. Like I'm one to talk… The last time the B's played them was the day after Thanksgiving and they won 7-2. The Islanders haven't won at all this month, they won twice in December and are coming off a tough 2-1 loss to the Rangers(their schedule doesn't get any easier with the B's leave town, their next opponents are Washington, Anaheim & the Jersey Devils). I'm not saying it's going to be easy like a Vivid girl, but I'm thinking the B's should be able to pull off a win with no major problems.

P.S. Today is your last day to enter the what's wrong with Manny contest and win a shirt from Hub Hockey Brand!


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