Bruins Live Blog for 1/13/09 Bruins vs. Habs


Let's cross our fingers and hopefully this works tonight! If not, head on over to and check out Jesse Connolly's live blog.

20:00 Sell out crowd at the Garden! Thomas in goal for the B's and Halak for Montreal.

18:52 Chara slammed into Kostopoulos and the two went at it when Halak palmed a shot by PJ Axelsson.

Marco Sturm is offically done for the season, his surgery was successful.

17:40 Ward messed up a pass to Thornton and a chance to score.

15:44 The B's almost had a problem after some sloppy play.

Montreal is blocking tons of shots and that's going to be the Bruins biggest problem tonight.

The Diving dames are are in full effect today!

10:15 Who needs Lucic to fight when you have Mark Stuart? Blake Wheeler slammed D'Agostini into the boards and in classic fashion, Chipchura confronted Stuart and tried to defend his teammate – Stuart responded by clocking Chipchura a few times….

The Habs out shot the B's 17-9 but the score is still 0-0, look for more of Komisarek being a puss and picking on Krejci some more tonight since Lucic isn't around.

Second Period

20:00 The B's start the period back on the PP with about a min to go.

Claude Julien looks absolutely digusted. The B's are trying to do too much and are turning the puck over too much.

17:26 Michael Ryder is in the box for 2 mins on a hooking call.

16:36  Ughh when his brother failed, Andrei Kostitsyn succeeded and got the Habs first goal tonight. When the B's give up the first goal – they're 11-4-2.

14:47 Montreal has one pp goal and looking for another, Chara is in the penalty box on a delay of game call.

13:36 See! Axelsson is proof that the B's need to stop it with the fancy ice work and just skate and shoot the puck! Crossed over and his shot to Yelle went off his leg.

11:37 GOAL!! 1-1 Zdeno Chara just scored thanks to Aaron Ward & Chuck Kobasew. Hopefully this will get the team going.

Both goals scored have been on during power plays tonight.

9:20 PP for Montreal….

5:30 Kostitsyn is getting 5 mins for a cheap shot from behind on Aaron Ward – Tim Thomas came out of the goal and defended his teammate, knocking Kostitsyn to the ice and a skirmish ensued. Thomas got penalized for attacking Kostitsyn and it's 4-3….

We're going to 5-3, the Habs are going to play down  two players thanks to a crosschecking charge.

1:36 GOAL!!! Captain Zdeno Chara just gave the B's the one goal lead and the score is 2-1.

Third Period

B's start the period off right, Sergei Kostitsyn gets sent to the bin for tripping Michael Ryder. Habs only made 11 shots on goal during the last period.

I fully admit, I'm sucking tonight…very tired.



2 thoughts on “Bruins Live Blog for 1/13/09 Bruins vs. Habs

  1. Scott @ WFNY January 13, 2009 at 7:22 pm Reply

    Truly riveting stuff!

  2. Cameron Frye January 13, 2009 at 7:33 pm Reply

    Atleast we have a winning team….ya’cunt. haha

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