Bruins Live Blog 10 Jan 2009 B’s vs. Carolina

Today's live blog comes from the land of the lost and I'm just wonder if it is possible for someone to sing the damn National Anthem straight and save the vocal gymnastics? Just sing the damn song! Byron Bitz is making his debut today and he blogs. Rest behind the cut….

20:00 GAME ON!

16:44 Bitz got his first shot and it was a tad off – he's huge 6'5.

15:50 Eric Staal just slammed into the ref. haha Ass.

15:31 I completely forgot Samsonov existed!

I've decided Lucic can't participate in this Rookie/Second year game…..why risk it?

First PP opportunity for the B's on an interference call. Hopefully they can take advantage of it. 

13:34 Ward smashed the puck into the post

12:05 SCORE! Krejci scored his 16th goal of the season and Jack Edwards is asking if he's a star. Obviously, Jack and he's super underrated!

11:27 Chara is in the bin for roughing up Eric Staal.

Bitz went to Cornell, I wonder if he knows Andy Bernard


He just NAILED Kaberle… maybe anger issues is a pre-req to go there?

2:39  GOAL! Stephane Yelle just made it 2-0….they're giving the assist to Stuart – but I thought it was Karsums who did it??

Second Period

So it was Karsums and Stuart getting the points on the Yelle's goal…see! I know what I'm talking about and that was Karsums first career NHL point. Mazel tov.

16: 33 GOAL!!! Mark Stuart just made it 3-0 and Bitzy will be getting his first career NHL point for assiting Stuay on the goal.

Cam Ward just got replaces. Sucks to be you.

15:23 Bayda just slammed Matt Lashoff into the boards and Shawn Thornton is in the box on a call hooking call….makes sense? Btw, I'm loving Thornton's fire island gay pornstar 'stache. 


12:40  Michel Ryder couldn't find Wheeler and decided to make the shot himself, 4-0 Bruins! 10 goals in 16 games for Ryder!

10:40 Ruutu just got stopped by Chara and that hurt just watching it.

Krejci has 18 multi-point games now.

3:55 Why is Krejci amazing??? Krejci to Ryder….5-0 Bruins!

Could we see Ryder get the hat trick today? Mmmmmmmmaybe? *crosses fingers*

2:46 Matt Hunwick just got into his first fight and looked like Williams was going to win this won and Hunwick just kocked him on his ass with one right hook.

Ok for whatever reason, typepad decided not to work for me. WTF.Ok, random. During that random act of cuntyness on the part of Typepad, Carolina scored it's first goal and they're 9 1/2 mins left int he game.

Good Lord.


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