What does the NHL have against David Krejci?

Krejci David Krejci has received the shaft….AGAIN. This year during All-Star weekend, there is going to be a rookies vs. second year players game. Blake Wheeler and Milan Lucic were selected and will be going to Montreal for the game.

WHY WASN'T DAVID KREJCI? Krejci is has 15 goals, 28 assists and has a +/- of 23. Blake Wheeler is 13-12-25 and Milan Lucic is 11-15-16. Can someone please explain this to me? Now I'm sure some of you would use the reasoning, well 'technically' he's been in the NHL for three – but NO! Playing six, yes SIX, game in the 06/07 season shouldn't count as a "rookie year". Wheeler & Ryder wouldn't be as successful if it wasn't for Krejci and even Claude Julien has mentioned the effect Krecji has on other players.

I know everyone has been screaming about giving Phil Kessel 'The Seventh Man' award, but David Krejci should be the hands down winner….


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