New Beginning


Welcome to one of the new homes for Cameron Frye. Everyone's favorite unemployed Bruins blogger.

Since I was asked if I wanted to join Barstool, I've been stressing about what to write about. Between the drama and the interviews, I've managed to find myself a lovely case of writers block. Which makes me think I peaked to soon and blew my load too quick. I know now how much 10th grade boyfriend feels.

I'm sure my admission of my creativity impotence gives more fuel to the fire of the people who trashed me. But then again, considering they're more than likely basement dwelling losers who hind behind their online handles – who's only female contact they have is when they buy it and considering those 'girls' come from the theater district – they're going to have to reconsider their sexuality one day.

Maybe the piece I wrote for Deadspin was a fluke? I have no confidence in anything I write and the fact it feels like everyone is watching me doesn't help. I'm a crappy writer – finally everyone is going to see that. I'm tired of the emails and messages asking me what I'm doing next. I don't know. Hell, I might not do anything.

Sidebar: How great was that hit?!?! Cleary got what he deserved!

Maybe I'll just blog here and see where the chips land. If El Pres sees something, he can take it. I need to take the pressure off me and go back to not giving a fuck about what I write.

Sidebar 1# : SCORE CHICAGO!!

I don't know. I'm making a big deal out of nothing. It's not like I trashed my Dad's Ferrari, right? It could be worse. 

Camerons dads car

So this is where I'm goin to start and bore you all with my opinions and random bs. So leave your feedback. And who knows what will happen next.

*started writing this during The Winter Classic. How great was that? We need that to come to Boston!



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