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How Not To Handle The Media After A Loss

I don’t think Sidney would have done that if Team Canada had lost. Ovi is the Goofus to Sidney’s Gallant.


"Do you think my medal will clash with my Stanley Cup ring?"

I was nervous  – but extremely excited. Russia, historically, usually was a tough opponent and I didn’t want Team Canada to blow their load, excuse the term, on them and have nothing to offer later. But, I couldn’t wait to see the two powerhouses battle it out. I mean, this was suppose to be the gold medal game and instead, the top contenders were holding on for dear life. It was Thunderdome!

Did we get Thunderdome? Nope. What did the Olympic viewing audience view? What most of us viewed from the comforts of our own home, was basically the varsity football team beating up on the kids in the slow class.  You know it’s bad to beat up on the retarded kids, but sometimes you got to smack’em around & show’em who’s boss.

It was great to see Canada put the goal in the net over and over again, but a blow out is never a good time. It was depressing almost. I had the honor of catching the game with my father, Hank, and as an older gentleman, he was bummed that Russian wasn’t the beast that they use to be. Gone are the days where the Russians are the athletic superior and stacked with the best of the best. Back when their female athletes looked just as rough and masculine as the men.

Instead Russia’s team seems to be filled with victims of the Chernobyl disaster & coked up, emaciated male models. Don’t hit too them too hard or they’ll break their frail bones. Even Alexander Ovechkin couldn’t score on Canada. Maybe if he spent more time practicing like a his Capitals teammate, Brooks Laich, he’d be the superstar that he supposedly is.

Who knows, maybe Russia decided to take a year off and focus on Sochi in 2014? It’ll be interesting to see who’s in and who’s out when the Olympics come to their neck of the woods.

With last night’s win against Russia, Canada is now one game away from the gold medal round and we all know they want a rematch against Ryan Miller and Team USA. Who wouldn’t want to see that? Well, maybe Russia and the other losing teams in Olympic hockey tournament – but they should have won those all important games if they wanted their vote to count.

Canada takes on Slovakia Friday night, while the US takes on Finland.

The Winter Classic….According to Cameron Frye

This what the money we dropped on Lansdowne Street bought us...

Other than me raspy, tranny like voice – I’m fully recovered from The Winter Classic. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully explain how amazing of an experience it was. It’s one thing to watch it on tv, but to be there is another thing. 

@Lucichick & I completely lucked out. Yeah, we paid a lot for our tickets(don’t ask) – but our seats were amazing! We pretty much had the perfect view of the rink! I don’t think I would have done it differently. If you saw me after the game or as the people I met up with afterwards can attest to, I was floating! I think that’s the only way to describe how happy I was. I just wish you could have experiences it in person. If you’d like to see the rest of my pictures – go here or go behind the cut to read about my take on the Winter Classic. 

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This is the end….

Capt.48b775f5661947778f5d4dbfd6495105.aptopix_stanley_cup_parade_hockey_paks108 So that's it. The end is here. The Pittsburgh Penguins are now the Stanley Cup champs, the Detroit Red Wings are this year's bitter bridesmaids and Ovechkin is on probably on his way collecting some new hardware in Vegas for the NHL Awards. Woo! *fartnoise*

Was I happy with the turn out of the season? Yes & No. I mean, it's been a tough one for me. I had a chance to cover the Bruins, but because I wanted to be the first hockey blogger to talk about Roman War Helmets in a public forum, that opportunity was short lived. Am I still bitter? I won't lie, I am and it's a tad annoying that I still get emails about it on a daily basis. I guess there are worse things to be known for, right? I still wonder if I should have submitted the piece to Deadspin. But there's not much I can do now. Hey, at least I got you bitches. So that's something to be proud of. But I'm hoping one day, I'll be known for being more than just, according to WEEI's Joe Haggerty, as a habitual line stepper. 

But personal issues aside, back to the topic at hand – this year's hockey season. I wasn't happy with how everything ended for the Bruins and I know I'm going to come off as a homer and I should be "over it" - but Scott Walker got off light. He shouldn't have been playing and look what happened? Boom! OT goal, Bruins lose -  out of the playoffs. It wasn't supposed to be like that – they were supposed to go on and win The Cup. Well, that's what I had my money on. Not that I'm condoning illegal betting or anything like that. I already had the parade route mapped out in my head and a laundry list of excuses of why I was going to miss work that day. But instead of a summer learning what the members of the B's did with The Cup, we'll be focusing on whom staying, who's coming, who's going and how David Krejci's graham cracker hip is healing. Better luck next year, boys. But thanks for the ride. It was amazing while it lasted.

As for the Stanley Cup champs, I've has a weird relationship with them this season. The first game I was suppose to cover was a Pens game, but because I was 'accidently forgotten' & omitted from the press list, I didn't get to. At the time, I didn't lose too much sleep over it – I assumed I was going to get a chance to interview Geno, Superstar Talbot, Sid the Kid and the rest of the Pens later on in the season. But instead, I got fired and well, that never happened. Although, I would like to thank Puck Daddy for trying to make me feel better, by telling me I wasn't missing much by not talking to Sidney Crosby. I know I don't have the skills, like Cabbie Richards and I'm sure Crosby would have probably been as entertaining as a wet mop, but I still wanted to get the chance to speak to him. Haha Oh well.

But at the end of the day, I was glad they won. They desereved it and I'd rather see them win,than the Red Wings. By the way, it's nice to see their fans are taking this loss in stride and being classy about it. *rolls eyes*

So now what? The draft is coming up, but we already know where John Tarvares is more than likely going. The NHL releases next season's schedule at the end of July, so there's something to look forward to. I'm sure Phoenix Coyotes drama is far from over and it'll be interesting to see who does what in the off season. So now, all we can do is sit and wait for the next hockey season(or the next season of Project Runway whichever comes first.). As for me, I'll be here and look forward to a review of Alyssa Milano's baseball epic. Because I know you all are dying to know more about it and whether or not I kill myself before the 6th chapter. I figure, it can't be any worse than the bullshit you all read here. :)

Game Seven

B15__1242178820_2811 This is it, people. Game seven! Someone is going to be setting up tee times tomorrow and while the other will be prepping to play the Penguins. The momentum has shifted and the B's have won the last two games. So this will be easy, right? Who knows.

But after the performance we got during Game 6, I'm thinking the people in Boston are going to be very happy tonight. I cannot wait for the game – it's going to be amazing! I could say more, but it's already  been  said. We all know what they need to do.


Mike Wendt made this great video – add him on Twitter!

If the Bruins needed another reason to win – do it for Mikey!


By the way, congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins who demolished the Washington Capitals last night! I recommendy you watch the video Puck Daddy, Greg Wyshynski, did. Mike Green was just not having it when it came to the handshake. I guess that's what happens when you get pulled in the third period for playing like crap. At least he has his sack to come home to.

Game 4

261819-485596 This time last year, the Bruins were already out of the playoffs, but a lot has changed since then. I know it's generic and I've said it over and over – but it's true. There's something special about this team and the fact they actually play like a team is refreshing.

I know there are tons of people out there who would kill to have that BIG name guy on the team - but we've got better than that. We've got guys who go out there and perform every night. We've got veterans guys who take the time and work with the youth of the team and help them become better players. Plus we have youth that'll give a veteran that spark they've been longing for.

We saw the resurgence of Michael Ryder with the thanks of David Krejci and Blake Wheeler. We saw the veteran take rookies like, Byron Bitz and Matt Hunwick, under their wings and look at the players they grew into this season. Almost everyone seems to walk of the ice at the end of the night with a point and they do whatever they can to make sure the team succeeds. I'd rather have that than a flashy 50 goal scorer. But then again, I like Sean Avery – so what do I know?

But anyways, back to the main topic. The B's haven't been in a position like this in while. So to put it mildly, tonight is kind of a big deal. So don't screw it up! No, kidding. No, I'm serious. Watch your tempers, score early and score often. Let them get the penalties and spend time in the box. Good luck, boys and Go B's!

Ovechkin Scores!

He really is a one man highlight reel. Check out this goal from last night’s Capitals/Habs game.

Bruins & Rangers On NBC – Apologies to the Kremlin.


It's so nice to be right. If you remember, I promised back on January 5th that Sean Avery would be back in a Ranger's Blue by the end of fashion week. Now, granted he's on their AHL affiliate  and NY fashion week isn't over yet – but it's just a matter of time. And with that NBC has decided to cover the Bruins/Rangers gamer on March 8th INSTEAD of another Ovechkin/Malkin rematch.

Now, as a self proclaimed Avery fan girl - I can't wait! Plus it'll be the first time the B's get to play Avery since the now imfamous, November 1st beat down! Thanks to Puck The Media for the heads up! 

The KGB Comes To Boston

 Ovechkin FINALLY! It's only been a week, but it seemed like it took forever. The Bruins are back at the Garden tonight and taking on the Washington Capitals. Do I have high hopes for tonight's game? No. But weirder things have happened. The Caps having beaten the B's twice this season in D.C. – but this time last year, they(the Caps) lost to the Montreal Canadiens their first game back from the all star break. So is it wrong to wish their suck-age from last year, haunts them this year?

Speaking of the ASG, am I the only one who thought Ovechkin looked far too comfortable having liquids shot on his face?

As for the Bruins, it seems too good to be true, but Milan Lucic, Andrew Ference and Patrice Bergeron have all been cleared to play tonight. Ference spoke to his #1 fan, Special Ed and the rest of the guys from The Sandbox on FNX this earlier morning and said it's up to the coach and it looks like he liked what he saw from all three players. Bergeron is hitting the ice tonight as a winger(look for Patrice to fill in for Ryder who seems to have the sniffles or whatever vague descriptive ailment Coach Claude Julien feels like giving him today) and Lucic should be back on the first line with one the best players on the Bruins and one of the most overrated players on the Bruins.

Ryder won't the be only one riding the proverbial pine tonight, Manny Fernandez(is anyone shocked really?)is out with "back soreness". Which I believe translated from Julien-speak means typhoid. Manny spent his time off on the Oregon Trailfor those of you who didn't know, unfortunately Zeke wasn't as lucky. So it'll be no surprise to anyone that Tim Thomas will be in the goal tonight and Rask as back up. This just leaves Phil 'Kissing Booth' Kessel left on the DL recovering from mono and Marco Sturm, but he's not coming back anytime soon.

So with the B's getting the band back to get together and the majority of them rested after the ASB, I'm going to predict a B's win tonight 4-2. Hub Hockey & Cornelius Harenbergh should have their predictions up shortly and if you want to check out what the other side are saying, check out Simply Sensational, a great Caps blog. 


The Blues hit Boston and hopefully Boston will hit back….

Let's be honest, was anyone shocked that the B's lost to the Capitals? No? Didn't think so. I know we all have this blind faith and homer-like mentality when it comes to the B's, but c'mon. There has to be a team that knocks us down a peg or two all the time. It use to be Montreal and now it's the Capitals. We have our chance at the Garden to show them who's in charge after the All-Star game when the Russians invade Boston on the 27th.

But before they can focus on knocking another tooth out of Ovechkin's mouth, they need to play the last place St. Louis Blues and if they play anything like the last place, Islanders – they're in for quite a fight.
St. Louis is 17-23-4 and has 38 points. Brad Boyes(Remember him? For those of you who don't – he played on the B's back when the Patriots made the play offs, Manny Ramirez was still with the Red Sox and Jesus Shuttlesworth didn't bleed green. ) leads the team in goals, points and pp goals….so he's got that going for him.Nice to see that trade worked out. 

Anyways, I'm going to say the B's are going to win and it'll be easier than a baby coming out of Michelle Dugar. The woman has had 18 kids – her birth canal has to be like the log flume ride at Canobie Lake Park. What…..too much? BTW, it's nice to see that Wideman's hair has gotten better since playing in Boston. What the hell is on his head??

OT: if you're on twitter, like me(twitter.com/cameronfrye  – follow me, bitches) – you can follow Alexander Ovechkin on there too. I'm sure "he" will have a lot to say…..


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